DXA University

This will highlight the goals of DXA University modules and provide an overview why DXA is so important for today’s clinicians and athletes.

101 – Introduction to DXA

This is an overview of DXA - The Gold Standard. This module will introduce you to the device specially designed to provide accurate assessments of an athlete’s complete body composition.

201 - Different Body Composition Modalities

This module will be covering the different body composition methods available today. It will take a deeper dive into each method available. It will provide pros and cons of each method which will help you make an educated decision around which method for assessment is right for you, your practice, your personal aspirations and human performance goals.

301 - Reading DXA Reports

This module will highlight the parts of the DXA report that are most beneficial to you and your training programs. It will also help you understand the different components of the report and explain how these numbers can benefit you and your training program.

401 - The General Role of DXA in Baseball

This module discusses DXA's role in baseball. In this module Dr. Wilson talks about how DXA helps in monitoring key performance attributes in baseball.

501 - Profiling Positioning Demands Across Various Levels of Baseball Using DXA

In this module Dr. Wilson talks about the importance of different performance attributes and how it is various from youth to pro, how it can be different within the professional level, also how body composition can vary from rookies to veterans. Moreover, body composition varies across position.

601 - DXA as a Monitoring Tool for Baseball

This module goes over how DXA can be used as a monitoring tool in baseball. Dr. Wilson discusses the role of DXA's precision and accuracy and how it helps him set the athlete's baseline. He also talks about the importance of setting an accurate baseline to monitor changes and why DXA is the gold standard monitor body composition.


701 - Female Athlete - Performance & Fat Free Mass Index

In this module, Dr. Abbie Smith-Ryan explains how tracking body composition with the Horizon DXA system, particularly for female athletes, can be helpful beyond performance.

Sample Advanced Body Composition® Report

The Advanced Body Composition® Report not only shows the precise location of bone, lean mass, and fat mass, but also provides a visual comparison of changes in these three areas over time. Throughout the duration of a weight loss program, the patient can be scanned multiple times to track progress. When viewed together, these composition reports provide a very accurate “before and after” look at the entire body.

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Initially I thought this journey was going to take a very long time – up to a year to achieve and now I realize that my journey is NOT as long as I initially thought. And I think I can achieve that in a much quicker time frame now as a result of the DXA scan.



The high-density image resolution was one of the reasons we chose the Hologic system. Its imaging capabilities are incredible.

David Parker, PhD

Executive Director of the Washington Institute of Sports Medicine

Most body composition measures just tell you holistically your body composition in general. The biggest difference between the Hologic DXA and other forms of body composition, is the specificity that the Hologic DXA gives you.

Jacob Wilson, PhD, CSCS*D

CEO, Applied Science and Performance Institute